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This site is a 'Town strollers' information site, focused on shrines in Tokyo.

It is said that there are 88,000 shrines in Japan. Each shrine has their own individual history and oral tradition, and has been valued by people who have been living there since ancient times, as a place of faith, and as a place of regional exchange. Contemporary Japanese people still have the same religious faith and tradition in their hearts too.

Strolling in Tokyo by focusing on "JINJA" (shinto shrines), which are deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle and culture, you will be able to feel the contemporary atmosphere of Tokyo, and also see the townscape that remains old in places and the realistic Japanese life landscapes.

"TOKYO JINJA" will lead you to new discoveries for both first time visitors and frequent visitors. Before visiting or during your stay, please enjoy and discover real Tokyo by using this site, which has both contemporary and traditional faces.


A focus on town strolling

Focusing on "JINJA" can be more made more enjoyable by discovering different aspects of Japan, and the lives of the locals, instead of walking around randomly.

Select by average time needed to stroll

During a trip, have you ever found yourself with unexpected free time and wondered how to spend it? This site will introduce short strolling plans for those situations.

Search for nearby plans

Even if you are not familiar with areas in Tokyo, the map page will show you a plan in Google maps. Find the closest plan from where you are.

Get a GOSHUIN as a shrine talisman

After visiting the shrine, why not get a GOSHUIN talisman? You will be able to experience the GOSHUIN culture and get a good memento at the same time.


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