Approximately 1300 years since enshrined. Kanda Myōjin, which has been watching over Edo Tokyo since.

30.10.2015 / Akihabara & Around / From 60 to 90 minutes

A strolling course heading Kanda Myōjin (Kanda shrine), starting from JR Ochanomizu station, and visiting the main tourist spots around the station.

Around this station, there are many universities and vocational schools, and is one of Japan’s most famous areas as a town with lot of students. There are also many scenic sites, and other than the historical religious facilities you will walk around in this strolling course, it is an cultural area with bookstore areas, musical instrument store areas, and sport shops areas.


JR Ochanomizu station


Walk 3 minutes



Nicholai-do, is a common name from Nicholai-daishukyou (archbishop), which brought the teachings of Orthodox to Japan, and the formal name is, Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo. The beautiful Byzantine style building, is designated as a national important cultural asset.

Walk 5 minutes

Yushima seido


Yushima seido, is a Confucius's Mausoleum built in the Genroku period (1688-1707) by the fifth Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. It is noticed as the cradle of civilization of school education in Japan, and many examinees visit and pray throughout the year for success. It is designated as a national historic site.

Walk 5 minutes

Kanda-jinja Shrine (Kanda Myōjin)


Kanda Myōjin, is well-known as a sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Tokyo, Edo. The official name is "Kanda Shrine, and it has been said that is was founded in 730. "Kanda Matsuri festival", one of the three Major Festivals in Edo (Tokyo), is famous, and is a shrine which has been widely worshipped throughout the shogunate and civilians in Edo. As this shrine appears in the anime "Love live", it is also famous that many anime fans worship. It can be said that it is also a place where traditional culture and the new Japanese culture, anime, exists together.

You can get Goshuin and Goshuincho at the shrine office.

Walk 5 minutes

Origami Kaikan


Origami Kaikan; You can experience the Japanese traditional culture "Origami" by appreciating and observing workshops. Inside, brightly colored origami and Japanese paper are sold, so why not buy them as a souvenir?

Walk 7 minutes

JR Ochanomizu station