A prayer for a safety trip. Anamoriinari shrine; where many foxes live.

10.12.2015 / Haneda, Shinagawa & Around / From 30 to 60 minutes

This is a course strolling the area near around the Haneda airport. Around Haneda, Tokyo Bay is close, and there is a wide river called Tama river (Tamagawa), which was flourished as a fishing village, and that atmosphere has still been left behind.

Visit Anamoriinari shrine as a prayer for a safety trip, and enjoy the atmosphere of the town by strolling along the Tama river.



Anamoriinari station


Walk 3 minutes

Anamoriinari-jinja shrine


Anamoriinari shrine; Around 1804, when the land around was cultivated, the embankment of the coast, collapsed by sea water invasion because of the raging waves that happened often. So, the villagers decided to enshrine a hokora (a small shrine), and from then, disasters of winds and waves never occurred, and the land cropped well. This was the origin of this shrine. The productiveness of grains are enshrined, and at the same time, for the airport is nearby, many worshippers visit the shrine for travel and traffic safety.

Walk 7 minutes

Kamomeinari shrine


When the fishermen prayed, many gulls came to fly and made a good haul, so the gulls were regarded as a sign of good hauls, and from then, the shrine was called "Kamome(gulls)inari". In 1945, the shrine buildings were burned down by the war, but was rebuilt by the townspeople.

Walk 3 minutes

Tama river


Tama river (Tamagawa) has a steep gradient, so floods constantly occurred from many years ago, but was bear close to people's lives because ayu fishing (a sweetfish fishery) was popular from old times. Now, the bank has been repaired, and is a place for relaxation and refreshment.

Walk 10 minutes

The great torii in Haneda


It is a great torii of Anamoriinari shrine, where it used to be here. After the war, all the buildings other than the torii, were dissolved under the orders from the GHQ, but it hadn't been pulled down after that, and has been protected by the people in the community. The word "peace" is written on the gakuzuka (the part of gate of the shinto shrine) of the torii, and is now a torii to pray for the world peace.

Walk 10 minutes

Anamoriinari station