Starting from the kitchen of Tokyo, “Tsukiji”, strolling the shrines of Tsukudajima/Tsukishima, which leaves the downtown atmosphere.

20.01.2016 / Ginza & Tsukiji / From 60 to 90 minutes

Tsukiji, is now, a Tokyo’s must-see tourist spot for foreign tourists. This is a course, strolling from the kitchen of Tokyo, “Tsukiji”, heading the  redevelopment area, Tsukudajima/Tsukishima. Passing the lively market, you can enjoy the modern scenes of the high-rise apartments, and also the town’s atmosphere of a decade ago.


Tsukiji station


Walk 2 minutes

Tsukiji Hongan-ji


Tsukiji Honganji, is one of the representative temples in Tokyo. The buildings, which the motif are architecture style of ancient India, are majestic, and different from the other temples. The main temple, is designated as an important national cultural property.

Walk 4 minutes

Tsukiji Outer Market


Tsukiji shijou, has the most history in Tokyo, and without needing telling, it is a tourist spot where many foreign tourists visit. It is a lively area, and restaurants where you can eat the fresh food materials which are sold there, are lined, and barkers can be seen a lot.

Walk 3 minutes

Namiyokeinari-jinja shrine


Approximately 350 years ago, the reclamation work of Tsukiji, which used to be the sea, had a difficult work by the rough seas. One day, a Goshintai (an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to contain the spirit of a deity) was found in the sea, so they built a shrine building and enshrined it. There is a story that has been handed down, that from then, the reclamation work proceeded smoothly. Still now, stands over Tsukiji as a god for avoiding troubles, greater purification, thriving business, and safety for work.

You can get Goshuin at the shrine office.

Walk 5 minutes

Kachidoki bridge


A draw bridge approximately 246m long, built in 1940. It has been stopped in 1970, when the traffic of the bridge started to increase. It was designated as an important national cultural property in 2007.

Walk 15 minutes

Tsukishima Monja street


The birthplace of "monja-yaki", which has been popular for a long time in the downtown of Tokyo. There are so many monja restaurants, that it is difficult to decide where to go. Walking the back alley of the lively main streets, you can see the wooden houses from the old days.

Walk 5 minutes

Tsukudatendai jizouson


Walking the narrow alley, between the private houses, it stand there as if it has been hiding. It is a Jizoson, that has been widely believed and protected by the people of Ysukudajima.

Walk 3 minutes

Sumiyoshi-jinja shrine

A shrine built under the orders of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the shogun in the edo period, by the people from Osaka whom came to Edo. A shrine worshipped for safety for the sea, by the fishermen and shipping agents.

You can get Goshuin at the shrine office.

Walk 6 minutes

Tsukishima station