Strolling the shrines around Iriya, where you can enjoy the shitamachi (traditional working-class neighborhood) culture of Edo.

30.01.2016 / Ueno & Around / From 60 to 90 minutes

Around Iriya, was famous for the asagao-ichi (morning-glory fair), which the beginning was the asagao(morning glory)-culture that flourished from the edo period, till the meiji period.


Iriya station


Walk 3 minutes

Iriya Kishimojin


It is one of the 3 Edo Kishimojin(a goddess who is believed to be the goddess of children), and is believed for easy childbirth, and child care. The asagao-ichi, which is held every 3 days in July 6th till 8th, is famous and is crowded with people.

Walk 15 minutes

Kappabashi Dougu Street


It is the biggest wholesale district in Japan, where it is said, that any cook wares, kitchen equipment, and any tools related to cooking, can be found. Not only Japanese, but people from abroad, visit for Japanese kitchen knives of good quality.

Walk 10 minutes

Edo shitamachi dentou kougeikan


This is an area, formed with artisans whom makes traditional crafts products. It is an facility where you can see the traditional crafts products, which is inherited by the downtown, and also experience the traditional culture of Edo(Tokyo).

Walk 10 minutes

Yoshiwara benzaiten


A kannon-zo (the image statue of the Kannon) of a prostitute, was built as an offering for their death, by the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923. Inside, photos and pictures, showing the misery of the earthquake, newspapers, and explanations, are displayed to hand down by tradition to new generations.

Walk 4 minutes

Otori-jinja shrine


Otori shrine, is a sacred shrine, related to Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, whom is the hero of the Kojiki(The Records of Ancient Matters). Tori no ichi(a festival), which sells an amulet called kumade omamori, held every November, in the day of the Cock, is famous. Kumade omamori, is called such as "Kakkome" and "Hakkome", and is an amulet for good luck and prosperity in business.

You can get Goshuin and Goshuincho at the shrine office.

Walk 10 minutes

Onoterusaki-jinja shrine


Ono no Takamura, whom was a cultured person in the heian period, and Sugawara no Michizane, whom is worshipped as a god of literature, are enshrined. It is said that you will get luck for business by visiting. The small mountain inside shaped like Mt. Fuji, called Fujitsuka, is country’s designated cultural property.

You can get Goshuin at the shrine office.

Walk 5 minutes

Iriya station