Imado shrine, which is a birthplace of manekineko (beckoning cat). It is also famous for a kami (god) of match-making.

10.11.2015 / Asakusa & Sumida / From 60 to 90 minutes

A 2.5km strolling course heading Imado shrine by crossing Sumida river, starting from Higashimukoujima station, and strolling Mukoujima area.


Higashimukoujima station


Walk 8 minutes

Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens


Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens, is a flower garden built in the Edo period (1603-1868). Skytree shows fitfully through the trees in the flower garden. (Admission fee is 150yen.)

Walk 7 minutes



Hatonomachi-doori, is a shopping district closely rooted to the community, and old stores before the war, stand side by side in a row. In recent years, empty houses and old Japanese-style houses are renovated as new shops.

Walk 12 minutes



A bridge which connects Taito ward and Sumida ward called Sakurabashi. During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms from both banks and also see the Skytree.

Walk 6 minutes

Imado-jinja shrine

Imado shrine, has been said as a birthplace of manekineko (beckoning cat), for many "manekineko" had been made and sold at this Imado area during the Edo period. Therefore, there are many cat ornaments in the precinct. Moreover, it is said that the kami (god) of married couple, which appears in the Japanese myth "Kojiki" (Records of Ancient Matters) is enshrined, so it is also famous for the shrine of match-making, and women wishing for good matches, hang ema (votive horse tablets) and pray.

You can get Goshuin and Goshuincho at the shrine office.

Walk 15 minutes

Asakusa station