Visiting Ebara shichi-fuku-jin (Seven lucky Gods in Ebara area). Lets go out and stroll a fortunate town, Ebara.

30.12.2015 / Haneda, Shinagawa & Around / From 90 to 120 minutes

Ebara, is one of the districts of Shinagawa ward, and is one of the old historical areas, and the name can be seen in the most ancient Wakashu (collection of Japanese poems), which has been compiled in the late 7th century to late 8th century. Historical shrines and temples has been built in this area, and  has been giving fortune to people, and has been worshipped as Shichi-fuku-jin (Seven lucky Gods), which brings wealth and long lives. Enjoy the town of Ebara, by visiting the temples and shrines, that is popular among the people.


Oimachi station


Walk 6 minutes

Ooizaogongen-jinja shrine


Fukurokujyun: A god which brings wealth, popularity and advancement. When fires were reported in the town of Edo (Tokyo). and also plague was rife, this area, has been said that it was safe because of the Gongen shrine.

Walk 8 minutes

Fudouin Toukou temple


Bishamonten: A god which brings wealth, good luck and avoidance of bad luck. In the middle of the approach, the god of a lavatory, Ususamadaimyouou, is enshrined to avoid from venereal diseases.

Walk 18 minutes

Yougyokuin Nyorai temple


Hoteison: A god which brings wealth, tolerance, long life, and happiness. 5 daibutsu(a colossal Buddha) called "Ooi no oobotoke", stands in front of the shrine.

Walk 12 minutes

Kamishinmeitenso-jinja shrine


Benzaiten: A god which gives love, wisdom, and brings wealth and good luck. It is said that this old shrine had been founded in a place that was called "Hebikubo", in the late Kamakura period. It is a dragon shrine, and a white snake used to live there, and was also built to express the gratitude of helping the province of Musashi, by praying and fasting for rain in 1322.

You can get Goshuin at the shrine office.

Walk 12 minutes

Houren temple


Ebisu: A god which brings integrity, thriving business, and good fortune. This temple has a legend that this was built in the mansion of a powerful family "Ebara", whom were a descendant of Hachiman Taro Yoshiie (Minamoto no Yoshiie; a military commander in the end of the Heian period).

Walk 18 minutes

Maya temple


Jyuroujin: A god which brings longevity. The mother of Buddha, Maya statue(which is the Tangible cultural properties of Shinagawa ward), has been enshrined in this temple.

Walk 2 minutes

Koyamahachiman-jinja shrine


Daikokuten: A god which brings good fortune, happiness, and wealth. It is unknown when this shrine was founded, but it is said that it had been revered as a tutelary deity of Koyamamuramotomura (formerly), in 1030. As the name Koyama (small mountain) suggests, it is the most highest hill in the ward (35m high), and is selected as one of the best 100 scenic spots in Shinagawa ward for its good view.

Walk 7 minutes

Nishikoyama station